Ready to finally find relief from hormone imbalances and help your gut & brain to function optimally?

Say goodbye to the “quick fixes” & work with your body to resolve your symptoms

If you can’t remember when you last felt good or like yourself, we can change that!

Let me know if this feels familiar:

  • You’re struggling with ongoing symptoms or health concerns that are affecting your quality of life - particularly ones linked to your gut, hormones or mental health?

  • You’ve tried all the things (including restrictive diets and calorie counting) but it only made your symptoms worse and you can’t imagine ever feeling like yourself again.

  • It feels as though your gut and hormones are running the show and there’s nothing you can do about it.

  • You’re overwhelmed and confused with the sheer amount of nutrition advice that’s out there and you have no idea what could work for you (especially when you’ve already tried so much already).

What if you could say goodbye to all of this by nourishing your mind and body with the right nutrients for you?

There’s a lot you can do to manage or resolve your symptoms naturally.

As a Nutritional Therapist who specialises in nutrition for gut, hormonal and brain health, I support my clients to find relief from their symptoms.

This is 100% possible when you can understand the reasons for your symptoms and what you can do differently to feel better.

You’ve probably tried a lot of diets, supplements, medications and “quick fixes” but none of this has been getting to the underlying reasons why you feel like this.

Addressing the root cause of your symptoms is the missing piece of the puzzle that gives you the power to change how you feel.

Without making changes to your nutrition and lifestyle, you’ll probably continue to struggle with the same symptoms and frustrations.

But with a natural, personalised approach to resolving your symptoms, you can feel happy, healthy and energised.

What’s driving your symptoms can be very unique to you, which is why most of the one-size-fits-all nutrition advice isn’t helpful (and in some cases, it can make symptoms worse).

With personalised support to get to the root cause of your symptoms, you can finally succeed where other approaches have failed.

That said, I empower all clients around blood sugar balance, detoxification and consuming nutrient-dense foods to promote optimal function in the body because they are key, especially when it comes to balancing hormones.

But the rest will be personalised to your needs once we know what’s driving your symptoms.

What I Do & Who I Work With

Gut Health

For Optimal Wellbeing

Gut Health

Good health starts in the gut, which is why I specialise in helping men and women to improve their gut health; so they can be free of unwanted symptoms, boost metabolic health, remove food intolerances, and manage autoimmune conditions - to name just a few of the benefits of working on gut health.

Brain & Mental Health


Brain/Mental Health

Are you struggling with symptoms such as anxiety, depression, brain fog, low mood, cognitive decline or memory problems?

I am passionate about helping men and women to boost their brain health.

Nutrition and gut health can play a key role in supporting brain health and mental health.

Women's Health Conditions


Women's Health

Are you experiencing peri/menopause symptoms that are having a big impact on your physical and emotional wellbeing? Or maybe you’ve developed debilitating PMS, PMDD or another hormone-related condition? I can help you to balance your hormones and reduce the severity of your symptoms.

Even the smallest of changes to your nutrition and lifestyle can add up to a significant improvement in how you feel and your quality of life.

And because these changes are realistic, sustainable and designed to fit into your day-to-day life, it doesn’t feel overwhelming.

If you’re ready to take a holistic, “inside out” approach to wellness, my 1-2-1 packages can help you to take control of your symptoms and your future wellbeing.

With my 1-2-1 support, you can stop feeling frustrated by your symptoms and start thriving.

As a Nutritional Therapist who uses a functional medicine approach, everything is evidence-based and backed by science.

My approach is underpinned by:

  • Up-to-date evidence-based nutritional and behavioural science and a focus on restoring balance at a cellular level through food and lifestyle

  • Functional testing (e.g., blood, stool and saliva testing) to understand the root cause(s) of your symptoms

  • Coaching to support you as you make positive changes to your nutrition and lifestyle and start to use nutrient-dense whole foods as medicine

I won’t simply tell you what to eat. I’ll help you understand how the body and the brain work and the science behind my personalised advice so you can feel confident that this approach is different to anything you’ve tried previously.

I’ll give you the “why” as well as the “what” so you can reconnect with your body and redefine your relationship with food.

And I definitely won’t ask you to calorie count or restrict foods. We’ll look to add foods that will help you manage your symptoms and meet your goals.

What’s included in 1-2-1 packages:

  • Initial consultation (90 minutes) to discuss your symptoms and goals

  • Detailed Health Questionnaire to gain a full understanding of your symptoms, needs and goals

  • Personalised nutrition and lifestyle programme - including recipes

  • Education to help you understand the causes of your symptoms and the impact that your personalised programme can make to your life

  • Bi-weekly or monthly Zoom consultations to review your progress and provide support and accountability as you make positive changes to your nutrition and lifestyle

  • Access to functional testing and interpretation of test results

  • Supplement programme (where applicable)

  • Drug nutrient interaction assessment


Optimal Health


Optimal Health

9-week package

1st consultation + 2 follow-up sessions

Consultation fees EUR 375

Hormone Health


Hormone Health

12-week package

1st consultation + 3 follow-up sessions

Consultation fees EUR 465

Mental Health


Mental Health

15-week package

1st consultation + 5 follow-up sessions

Consultation fees EUR 650

*Bespoke packages are an option if none of these are best suited to your needs.

Book a call with me to discuss your goals and how we can work together to achieve them.

Some functional testing options:

  • Genetic Testing (LifecodeGx)
  • Organic Acid Test -snapshot of overall health
  • Essential Fatty Acids
  • DUTCH Complete (Adrenal & Sex Hormone)
  • Thyroid Profile
  • Vaginal EcologiX (Invivo)
  • Gastrointestinal Health & Microbiome
  • Adrenal Stress profile
  • NutrEval (Genova Diagnostics) - nutrient deficiencies

Please contact me for current pricing or further information on functional testing.

Client Testimonial

Nutritional Therapy

Adina O

"Sophie helped me look at food in a healthier way and I've been able to follow her guidance even months after we completed the initial sessions.

Sophie recommended the FMD which I found to be amazing. The food was very tasty and during the diet I felt great and had a lot of energy. I did not have any physical unpleasant symptoms and it was obvious that I was losing some weight daily. My sleep was good and the food was enough to maintain a normal and in fact an elevated mood. After finishing the diet, I continued to feel well and my cravings for sugary/processed foods have stayed away.

Thank you, Sophie, for all your help.”

1-2-1 consultations are for you if:

  • You understand that a one-size-fits-all approach isn’t the best solution for resolving your symptoms
  • You want to get to the heart of what’s driving YOUR symptoms and make nutrition and lifestyle changes that help you to feel better
  • You’re ready to take a different approach to resolving your symptoms and learn how to nourish and balance your body

1-2-1 isn’t for you if:

  • You’re not ready to take an evidence-based holistic approach to your nutrition and lifestyle
  • You’re expecting overnight changes to how you feel (the small steps you make will add up to big change over time but this journey isn’t a sprint)

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