I offer personalised nutrition advice based on your health and nutrition status, unique biochemistry/genetics and goals. During the initial consultation I will ask you a lot of questions about YOU so that I can start to build a picture of your health and life history, and we will establish your health goals. I may request tests from your GP or recommend functional testing to help build a clearer picture of your health/nutrition status and allow for more targeted nutritional interventions.

Making lifestyle or dietary changes can be hard. We will work together to design a programme that supports your individual needs, and we will discuss how it can be implemented into your daily life. A significant part of my role is to offer you the support and motivation to achieve your health goals, and to keep you accountable to the agreed programme.

There are no quick fixes or fad diets. The programme focusses on introducing delicious, nutritious foods and better lifestyle choices to reach optimum health and wellness. I offer bespoke packages, tailored to suit your needs and this will be discussed during our 10-minute discovery call. I often recommend a minimum commitment of 6 weeks (or 12 weeks for a fertility programme) to achieve the best results. The human body is extremely complex, as are some chronic health conditions, so it can take time to investigate and address the various symptoms you may be experiencing. At each follow-up session we will monitor your symptoms and tweak the programme to reflect your progress and next steps.

A package typically includes the following:

  • Detailed Health Questionnaire (to complete before the initial consultation)

  • Initial consultation (90 minutes)

  • Personalised nutrition & lifestyle programme, including recipes and written explanations

  • Supplement programme (if necessary)

  • Drug nutrient interaction assessment

  • Bi-monthly/monthly Skype/Zoom consultation

  • Access to functional testing & test interpretations (if necessary)

Please contact me for current pricing and availability.

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